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Seeking a Legal Separation?

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If you a part of a couple isn’t yet ready for divorce, but really wants to live individually and that need to split up individually for purpose of finances, taxation along or other legalities, you are able to apply for a legitimate legal separation. Inside a separation, the parties continue to be married, versus the divorce in which the marriage is ended. A legitimate legal separation is really a mandate from the court that specifies the legal rights and responsibilities of the couple while they’re still married, but living apart.

Separation maintenance: including spousal and supporting your children, but is known as different things to differentiate it in the results of the divorce. A legal court papers for separation maintenance are often filed with a lawyer through what is called a “motion pending litigation”. The court’s decision on awards for separation maintenance does influence what each spouse is awarded whenever they later still divorce process.

Legal separations aren’t particularly common, but are becoming more popular with time.  They can be very useful in certain situations in which the spouses sort out any personal or financial issues affecting the marriage.

In proceedings for legal separation, the court decides the issues, almost as much as it might in divorce process:

  • Child child custody
  • Child visitation rights
  • Division of property

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